i can't afford gas (onthecurb) wrote,
i can't afford gas


so i stayed home... for legitimate reasons this time. i pretty much fucked up my knee yesterday. the good news is our team won howard county championships.

today consisted of watching rocky, road to perdition, and the laramie project.

after school jasmine came and picked me up and we went to burger king (mind you my knee is 'better'.. but really i needed to get out of the house). so i order their veggie burger, which is $2.09 and jasmine orders a large fry which is like almost two dollars. and i give her $2.25 for the vb and then when she goes to get her money.. she realizes it's in her other pants.

dumb. ass.

so then we frantically search her car for spare change because the total was three something. i told jasmine to ask the car behind us for a dollar... and unbeknownst she actually does! and the guy was nice enough to give us a dollar. so we think we are in the clear, and when we go up to the window... we find out it's $3.82. aahhhh. we had $3.25. so we, once again, search the car frantically (even though we know nothing is there...) but we manage to scrap up 6 cents.. but by that time the lady was all pissed off and let us have our fucking food. haha. so from then on we decided that we are going to give back to the community... eventually... maybe.

but i really need to stop staying home from school. i'm such a kevin.

alright, kids.

that's all.
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