i can't afford gas (onthecurb) wrote,
i can't afford gas


life is so ironic.

you'll know what it means if you are supposed to know what it means.

but anyway. this weekend was fun up until today. to make matters are work worse (my boss sold the store and we are all getting fired.. and he has yet to tell me to my FACE)... three people called out sick today, so i got stuck there by myself.

this lady tried to bitch me out because i was taking so long... but i didn't really give a shit because i was the only one there and taking my fucking time . and then in the middle of lunchtime rush hour some guy tries to come in and order 16 fucking subs. i don't remember exactly what i said.. but it involved the word fuck and resulted in him storming out of the subway --

did i care, you ask?

not at all.

but afterwards i went home and watched sexy edward norton in american history x... which i bought at soundgarden yesterday for $10.


i was thinking (like i occassionally do), and it feels like my life is so simple and shallow now. not shallow as in superficial, but rather lack of profundity. i am having a lot more fun than i was last year, but i lost, i guess, a quality that i had before. the ability to really talk to someone and have meaningful conversations with them. that was basically all i did sophomore year, and i guess i didn't mind at the time, but it feels so awkward trying to talk to anyone now. i mean, i never really opened up to anyone last year, but at least i could tolerate listening to people and them opening up to me. now i just avoid it altogether. i couldn't tell you whether that's a good thing, or not.

on the otherhand, like previously mentioned, i am basically drama-free... with your occasional bug in the windshield. fucking cicadas. i've been hanging out with people i used to hang out with a long time ago. it's funny because we are all different... and even more funny because they are all caught up in a whole bunch of drama that i eluded myself to.

no offense to any of them..but it gets really annoying after a while. blah blah blah what if so-and-so starts rumors about me getting drunk? blah blah blah don't tell anyone about this... i don't want a bad reputation. who the fuck cares!!

it is also really annoying when you are sober and everyone is really drunk and reallly really obnoxiously talkative and you have to drive them all around in one car. but i guess i asked for it.

oh well.

wow i wrote a lot.
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