i can't afford gas (onthecurb) wrote,
i can't afford gas

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antipathetic, antagonistic, and artistic

i'm sitting in the middle of a high school party at some girls house i don't even know,
nor does the person i went with... but it was somewhere to go.
and drunken people are stumbling over themselves, looking like asses
strangers hug me who didn't care to talk to me in any of my classes.
meanwhile, some hostile girl is making a commotion.
her cupidity and stupidity draws everyone's attention.
all i can do is stare straight and yawn.
all of the alcohol has been long since gone.
and so was everyone else, stumbling and strewing,
making out, messing around, and screwing.
and out of all of them there, i was the only one,
who couldn't really see how this could be fun.
so in my ennui
i made an inquiry
i had just one little question
was it me
or could it possibly be...
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